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The group will love to discuss WordPress and to offer help with your problems and troubleshoot issues that you may have. Be a part of the community. Members love to offer advice on how to improve and optimize your website. 

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About Us and Where We Meet

We meet at the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub in North Little Rock close to Verizon Arena. You can get directions on our map. We meet most Wednesday’s from 6:15pm-8:00pm. The meetings are open to everyone. You can even be a beginner who wants some free advise on your website. We try to keep our meetings as fun as possible. It is an open place to share your ideas and thoughts about WordPress and to ask Questions. We are Centrally located in Arkansas, so if you do not live in Little Rock then it is an easy drive to a meeting. Also If you live further up north there is a WordPress Meetup in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

We offer lectures, training sessions, networking events, and show and tell events at our meetings. We cover a variety of topics with varying degrees of skills from very beginner to very advanced or expert sessions.